3 Babysitting Tips From Cullen’s Abc’s

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3 Babysitting Tips From Cullen’s Abc’s

Realize the important qualities of a babysitter of young children: Safety, Dependability and Responsibility, A Love of Kids, Knowledge about children, and Adaptability. Here are three babysitting tips.

Babysitting Tip 1: For a child’s safety a babysitter should have familiarity with how to handle choking. At a minimum child safety and children CPR videos can easily be found on YouTube. Ideally, a babysitter has had child CRP training from a local red cross, or taken a babysitting class at a local hospital.

Babysitting Tip 2: Make the babysitting experience fun, educational and entertaining! Create a low cost or no cost activity schedule. You can use the internet to find all kinds of ideas. You can go to CullensAbcs.com to get free videos for children, and activity idea videos for babysitters. There are all kinds videos on: art, science, counting, books to read, games, themes to follow, free 20 minute educational shows and interactive videos that babysitter can use at Cullen’s Abc’s. And all the activities are done with household items that are cheap!

Babysitting Tip 3: If a babysitter is doing babysitting tip 1 and 2 their pay should be more than the average babysitting rate in your area!

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