7 Ways to Positively Engage with Young Children

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That silly Gator was just being funny with his “7 Ways to Mess with Young Kids” article. You know he had to type it out, because a Gators’ hand writing is very hard to read. Of course, you can tell the opposite is true for all of his points. Here are my “7 Ways to Positively Engage with Young Children.”

1. When talking to young children get down to their level and talk to them in a calm and friendly voice.

2. Young children thrive on structure and order, so develop a daily schedule and stay on them.

3. Young children need well over 10 hours of sleep, so get them to bed by 7:30. Then you have quality time with your spouse.

4. Use repetition over and over in most of the things you do, they love it and learn from it.

5. Little helpers may add time to the activity, but allowing them to “help” teaches new skills and develops self esteem.

6. Understand nearly 90% of communication is non verbal, so make sure you are regularly display positive body language and happy expressions.

7. Most importantly get on the same page with you spouse and agree on limits. When you say no stick to it, give two only choices and back up each others decisions.

Use these guidelines to have wonderful experiences with young children.

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