A Fisherman’s Net

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FullBodyHi there! Now available “A Fisherman’s Net” the sixth lesson of the Wise Men to Easter series of my new Growing With God Preschool Bible Study! All the lessons are free to any current Cullen’s Abc’s members, free with any new membership, or only $3.99 for each lesson. Hope you join me in this study that ANYONE (single parents or Sunday School Teachers) can use with preschoolers! Go here to learn more, download or purchase.
“As you know, church publishing houses rarely do a great job with Preschool curriculum.Your “Growing With God” Preschool Bible Study puts everything easily at hand. As I read it I can see preschool teachers using it in their classrooms, Sunday School leaders using it in church and parents using it at home. I’m going to pass this on to the Education Team at my church to use for Sunday School.” Barb, Retired Christian School Teacher & Principal

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