Setup your Preschool

Art & Science Overview

You did it! You are now ready to lead a full preschool day! Before you do this week’s theme I suggest you start with one of the starter themes as they are set up with a little more “hands on” help from Miss Cullen! Once you do these four you will be a pro and can use any of the online preschool themes!

How Many Days?

Once you decide how many days a week you are going to have preschool you will need to decide which days work best. Click “Next” for some suggestions from Miss Cullen!

Leading Circle Time

Congratulations! You are half way done! You now are all set to lead Circle Time! Click the “next” button to learn about the “Letters & Numbers” activity.

Setup Steps

Now let’s talk about how many day’s a week you want to hold class! Click “Next” to get started!

Which Days?

Now’s it time to talk about Creating a Daily Schedule! Click “next” for things to keep in mind when setting up your schedule.

Worship Time Overview

Now it’s time for my last Setup Video! By clicking “Next” you will learn about the Art & Science category!