Children Felt Board Story Videos by Cullen’s Abc’s

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16 Videos
41 Minutes
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These felt board story videos entertain and develop children’s skills. Your child will work on skills such as: matching and sequencing, problem solving, listening, thinking, creativity, rhyming, values, numbers and letters, and even story telling. Watch how quickly your children’s imagination and communication may soar. Many of these felt board stories feature Story Time Felt products. Visit for a link to learn more about and purchase these wonderful felt board stories.

Video Titles – Click to Sample

1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear
2. Froggy Get’s Dressed
3. Five Little Ducks
4. Itsy Bitsy Spider
5. An Old Lady Swallowed a Fly
6. Five Little Monkeys
7. Rainbow Fish
8. Al the Hungary Caterpillar
9. The Perfect Strawberry
10. Naptime
11. Say Goodnight
12. Story of Creation
13. If You’re Happy and You Know It
14. Five Little Pumpkins
15. Mr. Sun
16. Five Little Leaves

Buy Now $19.99

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