Christmas Story DVD

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Hi there! The Christmas Story DVD is made up of six interactive and entertaining videos to enlighten and teach your children the Christian Christmas story of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. Cullen and her Gator puppet tell the story in different ways and to communicate key points of Christian faith.

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These videos can be used in the weeks leading up to Christmas, or all during the year. Your child will grow spiritually while participating by singing, doing hand movements, using large motor skills, making animal sounds all while learning to love Jesus.

These videos were produced for the children’s ministry at WestGate Church in San Jose, California, USA.

Video Titles
Introduction with Cullen and Gator :45
Angels Telling the Good News 13:27
God Wants Us to Celebrate Together 11:40
Jesus is Born 9:12
Birth of Jesus at Christmas 14:18
Thank You God for Baby Jesus 14:28

You can watch all the Christmas Story series videos on the Cullen’s Abc’s YouTube Channel.

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