Christmas Tree Now!?!?

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Hi there! A friend of mine sent me this picture and thought it would be something I’d like to share.
christmas tree feltI’ve thought of doing this many times in the classroom and at home but when I think of it I’m in the middle of making dinner or it’s in the middle of December when many other things are going on like making peanut butter balls. So, if you are anything like me and would like to make this before December actually arrives I thought I’d post it today.
Of course when I saw this I started thinking of other things we could do with felt on the wall like this and making nativity felt pieces sounds really neat too. One thing about felt is that it’s pretty inexpensive, you can use glue if you’d like to put on embellishments and it’s fun for children to work with. Just make sure you use sharp scissors when cutting out the pieces.
Children are working on so many skills some of them include:
*Coloring recognition as they are recognizing the colors of the felt.
*Fine motor skills as they are using their grasping fingers to pick up the felt pieces to stick on.
*They are using their imagination as they decide where to put the ornaments.
*Most likely they are talking to themselves or with another person which works on a few things including developing their language.
This will also help you when you are trying to do something on your own, your child or grandchild can be happily playing for a few minutes (or longer).
Thank you, Tracy, for sending me this picture! I miss working with you in the classroom. We surely had some fun times together my friend.
Have Fun Everyone!

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