Cullen’s ABC’s Creatively Uses YouTube for Child Education Shows

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PRLog (Press Release)Mar 27, 2008 – Cullen’s Abc’s ( ) creatively uses YouTube, the internet’s largest video sharing site, to provide free, online, child education shows. Cullen’s Abc’s employs YouTube’s “playlist” feature to create child education shows ( ) that anyone can use to supplement young children’s learning and skill development.

A YouTube playlist is a collection of videos that can be watched on YouTube, shared with others, or embedded into websites or blogs. Most playlists include videos with a common theme, such as music videos from the same artist. Cullen’s Abc’s is taking playlists beyond just entertaining and categorizing; this site is using them to create shows that educate young children with proven techniques. The key to Cullen’s ABC’s playlist is repeating the videos. In fact, many acknowledged children shows such as Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues rely on repetition to effectively educate and develop skills.

“My son, Rylan, loves your videos to bits. I have been working with him on various preschool-themed activities, but your videos give us another option. He seems to respond better to everyone when you have reinforced what we’ve been working on. The free Child Educational Shows have been very helpful,” Doris, YouTube User.

Cullen Wood, Founder of Cullen’s Abc’s, uses YouTube playlists to create child education shows from her vast library of free videos, hosted on YouTube. These innovative and entertaining child education shows:

· Develop young children’s attention, spatial ordering, memory, higher order cognition, language, and gross and fine motor skills.

· Offer music, movement, interaction, and repetition to develop children’s skills.

· Offer daily entertainment. Schedule them to be part of a child’s daily activity for five consecutive days. Watch them at the same time every day.

Each show is made up of five selected videos that are specifically ordered and duplicated three times in a row. Each one is approximately 20 minutes long and can be used by anyone involved with young children — parents, grandparents, family, friends, babysitters, homeschoolers, daycare providers and teachers.

“YouTube is so powerful! It can be used for fun videos, but it can also be used to educate globally!” states Cullen. “Each Cullen’s Abc’s video is educational as a standalone video, but the YouTube playlist feature lets me group videos and use an educational structure that makes the videos even more effective in educating, developing skills, and even entertaining!”

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Cullen’s Abc’s is pioneering the use of online video to distribute free child educational videos. There are videos for children to watch interactively with adults, and videos specifically for adults to watch for activity ideas. All videos and activity ideas stimulate young children’s development at home and in the classroom. Cullen’s Abc’s has produced hundreds of educational and entertaining videos for young children and adults involved with young children. These videos have been viewed over a million times. Cullen’s Abc’s is the creation of Cullen Wood, who has been working with young children since 1994. She currently is a Preschool Teacher at St. Timothy’s Lutheran School in San Jose, California. Cullen has also authored the article titled: “How to Select the Best Preschool for Your Child” – Inside Tips from a Preschool Teacher ( ).

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