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Did you know that Cullen’s Abc’s mission is to prepare children everywhere for school and life by providing free videos, and an affordable DIY Online Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation?

We love what we do, and from the feedback, we know lots of others do too!

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We get lots of comments on how Cullen’s Abc’s is being used in impacting ways and here are few of them:

  • Tatamo is a teacher in Madagascar that memorizes the activities in her village during the night where she has Internet access and electricity, and in the day she goes to the countryside and teaches children.
  • Cullen provided curriculum guidance for a new preschool in Palakkad, India that reports they have over 60 children enrolled now.
  • And there are countless mothers, fathers, care providers, teachers, homeschoolers, and grandparents that use Cullen’s Abc’s resources to prepare children for school and life!

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