Easter Preschool Bible Study

Three Easter Preschool Lessons for Home, School or Church

FB Ad ImageThree Easter lessons: Palm Sunday Jesus The King Arrives, Jesus Is Arrested and Crucified, and
Easter Sunday Jesus is Risen! Yes, you can use these lessons at home, church or school.

“As you know, church publishing houses rarely do a great job with Preschool
curriculum. Your “Growing With God” Preschool Bible Study puts everything easily
at hand. As I read it I can see preschool teachers using it in their classrooms, Sunday
School leaders using it in church and parents using it at home.”
Barb Torgerson, Retired Christian School Teacher and Principal


  • 3 Easter lessons, including Easter Sunday
  • Created by Cullen a Christian preschool teacher
  • 13 Lessons series for home, church or classroom use
  • Publishing house quality without publishing house price
  • Free trial with memberships starting at $9.95
  • Series starts with the Wise Men visiting Jesus, and grows with him to the time he is resurrected on Easter
  • Each lesson includes: Bible memory verse coloring sheets, a Bible story, a prayer, song, an art & craft project and extra content
  • Join and start now to receive the entire series and all other Christian resources
  • For more information scroll down below the 13 Week Lesson Schedule
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Cullen’s Abc’s has over 50,000 happy users made up of parents, schools and churches!

GWG.Cullen.Quote13 Week Lesson Schedule

Week 1 Lesson: The Wise Men Visit Jesus
Week 2 Lesson: Jesus Is Lost!
Week 3 Lesson: Jesus’ First Miracle
Week 4 Lesson: The Good Samaritan
Week 5 Lesson: Jesus Picks His Disciples
Week 6 Lesson: A Fisherman’s Net
Week 7 Lesson: Jesus Heals a Blind Man
Week 8 Lesson: The Lost Son
Week 9: Jesus Loves Children
Week 10 Lesson: A Poor Woman’s Gift
Week 11 Lesson: Palm Sunday Jesus The King Arrives
Week 12 Lesson: Jesus Is Arrested and Crucified
Week 13 Lesson: Jesus is Risen! Easter Sunday

More Information

Hi there! Celebrate Easter with your children through this 13 week preschool Bible study series. You can start anytime and lessons can be done in order or individually. Each lesson is FREE with any Cullen’s Abc’s membership, or purchase per lesson. The series starts with the Wise Men visiting Jesus and continues to His resurrected on Easter. Start anytime and travel through the entire series, or just use the lessons that interest you. Take a look at the series schedule above and join us whenever you’d like.

One of the many wonderful things about this series and each lesson is it doesn’t matter where you are in your Christ journey. You can benefit from it if you are new to teaching your child Christian faith at home, or lead a children’s ministry at a church, school or daycare. We wanted to offer you a church publishing house quality bible study that you could afford, is easily to understand, use, lead, and is truly designed for preschool aged children. Each lesson has numerous activities: memory verse coloring sheet, a bible story, a prayer, song, an art & craft project and extra content. Cullen also provides specific guidance and tips on how to read the story, ask questions, teach, sing, do the art & craft, and praying with preschoolers.

JOIN NOW for full access to the “Growing With God” Preschool Bible Studies, Find Preschool Activities tool, the Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation, DIY Online Preschool, Art Patterns, and Preschool Videos.

This series was created by Cullen a Christian preschool teacher with the gift of teaching children to love Jesus. Let her help you teach your young children about Jesus too!

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