Featured Feedback: From Patrick – Conor’s Stay at Home Dad

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“I was SO happy to find your videos! I’m a stay home Dad, and my quest for videos -just like yours- began when first wanted to share some of my favourite Disney songs with my two year old son, Conor. (As a one year old in the  picture.) I found that I could find almost anything on Youtube. I then began thinking- you know, I can turn on PBS and try to catch shows he will like… but I have no choice over the timing or what it is. Isn’t there something that takes advantage of that online? Even better, maybe someone on youtube- out of all the people trying to make their own videos- has a toddler or works with toddlers too, and is making a video blog just for them!

So I searched, and the closest I found was a few home videos and maybe a blog done by a Dad with his kids that has some activities (but it tended to be more oriented for kids perhaps four or older at least).

Then, by chance, I found yours whilest looking for some of his favourite songs that my Mom sang to me, and I now sing to him (she sings them to him, too). Your channel is exactly what I wanted to find for him! In fact, if you know of any other channels on youtube (or free resources of a similar nature online) please let me know! We just cannot afford to buy these things with our family finances right now, so I really really appreciate you offering these little things. I’m surprised more people aren’t doing it. Heck, if I had a good video camera and knew how to use proper video editing software I’d make my own! 😀

I really hope that you are finding a positive response from others on youtube, and that those who can afford to buy your DVDs are doing so! Thank you again, for offering your time. My little boy has already just watched a few of your videos in my lap, and he loves you!


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