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Hi there! Visit The Sprout Mix now and read Natasha’s review of  Cullen’s Abc’s Preschool Bible Study. Comment on the review and receive an Easter Bible Study lesson for free. Just by commenting you are entered to win an Easter Cross Box or one of 10 Three Month Cullen’s Abc’s Memberships.

More Reviews of Cullen’s Abc’s!
Wednesday, 3/11/15, a review of  what Cullen’s Abc’s Academically offers to kids
Friday, 3/13/15 a review of what Cullen’s Abc’s academically offers to adults


The Sprout Mix is having a Cullen’s Abc’s Giveaway! Easily enter the giveaway for free by leaving a comment at The Sprout Mix here, and just for entering receive a free Cullen’s Abc’s Preschool Bible Study lesson! Once you have entered can win the Easter Cross Box Grand Prize or one of 10 Three Month Cullen’s Abc’s Memberships.


NatashaI’m so excited to be partnering with The Sprout Mix. Natasha writes The Sprout Mix blog to create a connection between school and home for families. The name ‘The Sprout Mix’ sprouted from the idea that children, as well as adults, continue to grow as unique individuals, as does a literal sprout seed mixture.

Please visit The Sprout Mix now and enter the Cullen’s Abc’s Giveaway!
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