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David and Goliath

Easy to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

Hi there Homeschoolers!

Have you been searching for a Bible curriculum for your preschooler, but everything you’ve found is either way over their head or is so babyish that your child is bored? Maybe you’ve found some Bible curriculum that uses memory verses that are too long and difficult for young kids to remember. Maybe you have a child with special needs who you long to share God’s Word with, but you don’t know quite how to teach it yourself.

A solution for you!

The Growing With God Preschool Bible Lessons from Cullen’s Abc’s is a wonderful addition to any homeschool. Whether you are brand new to the Bible stories, or you’ve been hearing them since you were a preschooler, your child and you can learn and grow together through God’s Word. Start a membership for only 99¢ today.

These lessons have been designed for preschool age children. We are not giving you a curriculum aimed at elementary students and asking you to figure out how to modify it to meet a preschooler’s needs! It is our passion to equip parents, Sunday school teachers, and preschool teachers to teach preschoolers God’s Word in the simplest way possible. Click to download a free lesson.

Easy for you!

As a member of Cullen’s Abc’s you will receive ready to use detailed lesson plans created by Cullen, a preschool teacher with a passion for teaching God’s Word. Our lessons include a breakdown of how to use the lesson for 5 days and spread it over a week, or how to use it in one day similar to a Sunday School class session.

Your lesson will include a coloring sheet that includes the memory verse of the week that is simple enough for preschoolers to understand and correlates with the Bible lesson. The Bible story is also included in your packet, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a specific Bible. We also include a prayer, song, and art and craft project that are fun and understandable for preschoolers. Finally there are some optional “Extra Content” activities that you can complete with your child if you have some extra time or really want to add some more activity to their Bible lesson.

We understand that as homeschoolers, you will often have more than one child that you’re trying to teach at a time. While our Bible lessons are designed towards preschoolers, we have known many people who have used them with children older and younger than the traditional “preschool” age. Our lessons and activities are engaging enough for older siblings to join in on the fun, and younger children can work on color pages and listen to the story right along with the rest of the family! This Bible curriculum is a great way to get the entire family involved and talking about God’s Word together!


There is much more that comes with a membership besides the Growing With God Preschool Bible Lessons! You will gain access to the KRE, or Kindergarten Readiness Assessment so that you can see how close your child is to being ready for kindergarten. You also receive access to  the Online Preschool with dozens of 3 day per week preschool lessons that include worship for you to complete with your child. There are many different themes from animals and weather, to dinosaurs and pirates! You are bound to find some fun activities to complete with your preschooler with Cullen’s Abc’s themes.

Become a Member

You can start  a membership of Cullen’s Abc’s for only 99¢ today! Members have complete access to the current Preschool Bible series, as well as any future series. Many of our members have stated that the Bible lessons and the worship section in the Online Preschool are the top reasons to become a Cullen’s Abc’s member.

You really have so much to gain from a membership at Cullen’s Abc’s. Start your’s today and see how our Growing With God Preschool Bible Lessons can help you and your child grow together with God’s Word.

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