Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation

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Pinterest Pin 2Hi there! As a member you have unlimited use of the Cullen’s Abc’s Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation (KRE) is a tool. Parents, homeschoolers, teachers or care providers can use it to evaluate how prepared a child is for kindergarten. With this 25 question evaluation tool you will be able to assess Math & Counting, Language, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, and Social skills in a fun and interactive way. A complete summary with videos, tips, and ideas on how to improve skills is provided.

The KRE is used as the starting block for Cullen’s Abc’s DIY Online Preschool to establish a baseline of a child, and then utilized to track their development and preparedness for kindergarten. You can also use the KRE as a stand alone tool. Ideally the child being evaluated is three, four or five years old. You may use the Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation with younger children, but please understand they should have many skills to develop. Please feel free to contact Cullen with any questions.

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