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Hi there! This is why I love doing Cullen’s Abc’s. I just received this wonderful feedback: “I love the program.  It is affordable and I love that we can do it at our convenience on our schedule.  We tried another well known program but it just didn’t have what we needed.  I love that you incorporate the spiritual.  We love the Beginners bible that you use.  We had already been using that as a guide. Jaden is my son’s name and he has progressed so much since I started.  The kindergarten readiness test has helped me to know exactly what we need to work on.  I also have a granddaughter that comes one day a week and I am able to help her with the program as well.  I am not a teacher but you have made it much easier for someone like me to have the resources.  Thanks for all the work you have put into the program to help others.  It has surely been a blessing!!” Kim Land

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