Resurrection Eggs to Tell Easter Story to Preschoolers

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Eggs-Cullen-GatorHi there!

Are you looking for a great way to tell the Easter story to preschoolers? Resurrection eggs are the perfet way to tell the Easter story and to keep the focus on Jesus during Easter. Resurrection eggs are made out of colorful plastic Easter eggs you can find in stores around Easter. This is an engaging and creative way to share with children about the death and resurrection of Jesus. I love how these eggs bring this amazing story to life!

First, watch the How to Make Resurrection Eggs to Tell Easter Story to Children video to make your own eggs. If you would like, you can use the art patterns at the end of this document for some of the items that go inside the eggs; or you can use your own items.

Next, you can play my Easter Story For Children video for your children. In this video I interactively use resurrections eggs to tell the Easter story to preschoolers. The Easter story is the best story, but it can be difficult to tell to preschoolers. This video can be watched with or without your own eggs.

Finally, if you want to go all in with your eggs here is a fun, interactive and engaging activity to do with your eggs over a period of time. You can make your own eggs and then open them interactively with Gator and I in the Resurrection Eggs video series! There is a video for each of the 12 days/eggs leading up to Easter. Your preschoolers will love Gator!

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