The Lost Sheep Bible Memory Verse Coloring Sheet

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Today we have the coloring page Bible memory verse. You can have the children color the picture and then read the story to them while they are coloring if you’d like. Another idea would be to glue cotton balls onto the sheep if you’d like to do something different. The story is below if you are interested. When children are done coloring they can hang it up and start to memorize the Bible verse.

Story: The Lost Sheep (Matthew 18:10-14; Luke 15:3-7)

Some people wondered who was most important to God. So Jesus told them a parable. “Think about a shepherd. What does he do? He watches over his sheep. He gives them plenty of food, and he gives them plenty of water.” “He counts them up to make sure they are all there. If one is lost, he looks for it. He looks in the barn. He looks near the stream. He looks in the hills. He looks everywhere.” “The shepherd does not give up. At last, he finds the little lost sheep.” “He carries the sheep back. He calls his friends together and says, ‘Let’s celebrate! My lost sheep has been found!” Then Jesus said, “God loves every one of his children like a shepherd loves his sheep. When one of them sins, it is like a sheep that has gone astray, and God is very sad. But when the person turns away from sin and comes back to God, he is very, very happy. He celebrates like a shepherd who has found his lost sheep.”

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