Letter Sounds Teaching a Child- Tips

Knowledge of letter sounds helps children to decode printed words and to construct the spellings of words in their spoken vocabularies.

Here are some tips on how to work on letter sounds:

  • In my live classroom I enjoyed using Zoo-Phonics. Go here to watch my review video of this product.
  • To help a child work on letter sounds there are all kinds of fun free online tools. Search “teaching letter sounds children,” online to find a video or tool that your child may enjoy. Note, many people have created great games and videos to help with learning phonetic sounds. Just try to make sure they are created by an experience resource.
  • Here is an engaging activity you can do with a child: Have them choose a letter and create a picture collage or letter collage of items that begin with that letter’s sound. Pictures can easily be found in magazines and newspaper ads. Glue pictures to a piece of paper or take it a step further and glue them to one of my letter patterns! Click here for a video on this activity.

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