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Hi there! This is Cullen of Cullen’s Abc’s. I just wanted to share with you some the websites I like to use. I have been working with young children since 1994 as a preschool teacher, day care instructor, preschool teachers aid, and even a preschool program director. I just teaching now and work on Cullen’s Abc’s, which is like an online Sesame Street. At Cullen’s Abc’s there are hundreds of free child education videos that are entertaining, and activity ideas for you. Hope this list of the websites is helpful to all the teachers out there, and anyone involved with young children.

Perpetual Preschool
You have to sifting through a lot of pop up’s, but I love this site. It has SO many ideas on just about every theme you can think of. Sometimes I go to the site just to get ideas for themes. I like how everything is alphabetized.

Everything Preschool
I think this is my favorite site because it is so easy to read and find what I am looking for. I do like how everything is alphabetized, but sometimes find that there are not that many things posted for the themes… so I go to Perpetual Preschool for more ideas.

Preschool Education
Some good ideas if willing to take time to look.

I really haven’t used this site that much, but I do like how you can type in a theme in their search area and many age appropriate ideas will pop up.

First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts
I like how this site gives you items that you can print out and use as materials at home or in the classroom. Some of the themes they have on their site are unique compared to the other sites out there. This makes me wonder how I can bring some of the ideas into the classroom.

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