Featured Feedback: Wesley’s Polar Bear

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“I just wanted to share a few pictures of our little prince Wesley enjoying one of your crafts.

Wesley and I “discovered” Cullen’s Abc’s in November and have been enjoying it ever since. We watched your “Bear Went Over the Mountain” video daily for several weeks! He loves it (and also the coke and mentos experiment).

He had been suffering with a cold and was beginning to feel a bit better and we were both tired of being “under house arrest” due to the weather. So we decided to something fun! He really enjoyed the polar bear craft and shaving cream craft!

Thanks for much for enriching our lives!!!!

Kim and Wesley-who turned two on December 30th”

Here are the Polar Bar Art idea video, Song The Bear Went Over the Mountain, Diet Coke + Mentos Children’s interactive video, Diet Coke + Mentos how to video for adults.

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