Which Days?

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Pick the day or days of the week that your classes will be held and start at the same time every day! If you are going to do 3 days a week; I suggest Monday, Wednesday & Friday, but again this is up to you!

Be sure to “Like” Cullen’s Abc’s Facebook page as she posts all lessons on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s as an added resource to her users. All videos and patterns are on Pinterest as well!

Miss Cullen also publishes a monthly calendar that some users find helpful as well.  The calendar lists Weekly Themes, Worship of the Week as well as Letter of the Week.  In addition to the weekly theme she also focuses on a Color of the Month  which she ties into all themes throughout the month.

Now's it time to talk about Creating a Daily Schedule! Click "next" for things to keep in mind when setting up your schedule.

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How Many Days?
Which Days?
Create a Daily Schedule
Leading Circle Time
Letters & Numbers Overview
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Art & Science Overview

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