Worship: 10 Plagues

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Story, Questions, Prayer

Below you will find the story, some questions to ask and a prayer. You will find the story to read to children with some questions and then a prayer following that. You can read the story first, then ask the questions and then have them repeat the prayer after you. I have put periods throughout the prayer for you to pause and let the children repeat after you.


Ten Plagues

Exodus 7-12

Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh’s palace. They said, “You must let the Israelites go free. If you do not, God will punish you.” Pharaoh said, “No! I do not know your God!” Then he made the Israelites work even harder. God was not pleased. So he changed the main river to blood. Pharaoh did not care. “I will never let the Israelites go,” he said. Then God sent frogs to Egypt. They were sitting in chairs, hopping up stairs, and jumping all over the beds. Pharaoh said, “Take the frogs away, and I will let your people go.” So God took the frogs away. But Pharaoh changed his mind and said, “No.” God sent more plagues on Egypt. First were the pesky gnats. Then came a frenzy of flies. Next, all the animals got sick. Then the Egyptians’ skin broke out in sores. Damaging hailstorms came, and then swarms of locusts ate the crops. Then darkness covered everything. Sometimes Pharaoh said he would let the people go. But after God took away each plague, Pharaoh changed his mind and said, “No.” Moses had one last message from God for Pharaoh: “If you do not let my people go, the firstborn son in each Egyptian family will die.” Pharaoh refused to listen. So God kept his promise. Pharaoh finally said, “Go now!”


1. How many plagues were there? 10

2. Who did Aaron and Moses go to see? Pharaoh

3. What did they ask Pharaoh to do? Let the Israelites go free

4. What did Pharaoh keep saying? No

5. Did Pharaoh finally let the Israelites go? Yes

5. Can you name some of the plagues?


Dear God. Thank you for this day. Thank you for teaching me. about the plagues. Please help me. to listen and obey you. I love you so much. Amen.

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