Worship Time Activity: Father Abraham

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You can have your child color the Abraham and Sarah stick puppets, cut them out, add a stick to the back (if you’d like) and use them to help tell the story.*

It was a warm day and Abraham was resting by his tent. Three men came along the path and Abraham went out to greet them. He asked if they would like to rest in the shade, have some cool water to drink and if they would like something to eat. Abraham told Sarah about the visitors. She made a meal for them.

While they were eating the visitors told Abraham that his wife is going to have a son. Sarah heard what they said and laughed, thinking, I am too old. God asked Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh? Anything is possible with the LORD.”

Well sure enough, the next year, Sarah had a baby boy. Abraham and Sarah named him Isaac.

You can say this prayer and have the children repeat what you say. Just say a few words and pause letting the children repeat what you say.

Dear God,

Thank you for this day. Please help me to remember that anything is possible with the LORD. Please keep me safe. Help me to be kind to others. I love you.


Next, we are going to sing Father Abraham with Miss. Cullen.

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