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Hi there! Cullen’s Abc’s mission is to prepare children for school and life! Since 2006 we have been providing wonderful content to do just that!

Cullen’s Abc’s is designed for parents, homeschoolers, teachers, or caregivers that want to be personally involved in preparing their child for school and life. Unlike most online preschool education tools that have you sit your child in front of a computer and be “self taught”, Cullen’s Abc’s gives you step by step guidance and resources for you to use with your child. With Cullen’s Abc’s you are hands-on in a “DIY-Do It Yourself” way!

Cullen’s Abc’s offers an outstanding DIY Online Preschool. You can take advantage of all the entire preschool program, or just the great preschool activities. Cullen’s Abc’s creatively bridges the gap between a traditional preschool and an online virtual school by offering interactive videos as well as hands-on sensory activities. While our lessons are delivered online; parents, homeschoolers, teachers and/or caregivers should be prepared to lead activities “live” rather than in front of a computer. The curriculum is developmentally based and flexible so you can tailor it to your child needs.

A wonderful starting point is the thorough Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation (KRE) to understand where your child is developmentally with Math & Counting, Emotional, Language, Physical, Cognitive and Social skills. The DIY Online Preschool curriculum is built around developing these skills, so going forward you can use the KRE to track your child’s development and preparedness for kindergarten. Cullen’s Abc’s is also one of the few Online Preschool sites that offers optional Christian curriculum that is fun and easy to use! In each day of the DIY Online Preschool there is a preschool worship activity, and we offer the very popular “Growing With God” Preschool Bible Study.

You can enjoy all of Cullen’s Abc’s videos. The huge library of children’s videos and activity idea videos have been viewed over 50 million times! The majority of the videos are for preschoolers and are intended to be watched interactively with a parent or caregiver. The videos are educational and entertaining, and creatively support the development of various skills such as: vocabulary, listening, large and small motor physical skills, manners, thinking, matching, cognitive, emotional, language, math and counting, and social development. There are also “activity idea videos” for adults to watch. These videos will help you learn how to do a specific activity, and then do the activity offline with children.

You will never feel alone with Cullen’s Abc’s! You have the opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with Cullen, and group discussions to help answer any questions you have along the way! Join now or apply for a free scholarship to become a member today.

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