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Hi there! Cullen’s most amazing offerings to help you to teach children to love and follow Jesus are her children’s Bible stories and activities. The Growing With God Children Bible stories & activities are created for preschoolers, but are successfully used with children up to 8 years old. Please “get a free Bible story and lesson, use it & share it!” Once you download any offering Cullen encourages you to use it for yourself and give to as many people, churches or schools as you like.

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  • Free Lesson: He Arrived – Jesus is Born 
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  • Each lesson includes: Bible memory verse coloring sheet, a Bible story, a prayer, song, an art & craft project and extra content
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“Jesus Arrives” Current Series Lesson Schedule


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Week 1 Lesson: Mary Meets an Angel
Week 2 He’s Here – Jesus is Born!
Week 3 Lesson: The Wise Men
Week 4 Lesson: Jesus the Boy 

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More Information

One of the many wonderful things about this study and each lesson is it doesn’t matter where you are in your Christ journey. You can benefit from it if you are new to teaching your child Christian faith at home, or lead a children’s ministry at a church, school or daycare. We wanted to offer you a church publishing house quality bible study that you could afford, is easily to understand, use, lead, and is truly designed for preschool aged children. Each lesson has numerous activities: memory verse coloring sheet, a bible story, a prayer, song, an art & craft project and extra content. Cullen also provides specific guidance and tips on how to read the story, ask questions, teach, sing, do the art & craft, and praying with preschoolers.Hi there! You can grow in God’s Word with your children through the Growing with God Preschool Bible study. Each series is FREE with any Cullen’s Abc’s membership (free option) , or you can purchase single lessons from any series. Start a series anytime and travel through the entire series, or just use the lessons that interest you.

This study was created by Cullen a christian preschool teacher with the gift of teaching children to love Jesus. Let her help you teach your young children about Jesus too!

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