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I am so excited you are here and are wanting to set up your own DIY Online Preschool! This can be done for one child or a classroom of children. The Online Preschool is a very engaging experience.  I will guide the class by talking directly to the children through interactive videos. You (moms, dads, caregivers, homeschoolers, nannies, babysitters) act as my in-room teacher helper that lead the children in hands-on developmental activities. Do not worry you do not need teaching experience.  I will guide you along with prep videos and lesson plans!

A wonderful starting point is the thorough Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation (KRE) to understand where your child is developmentally with Math & Counting, Language, Physical, Cognitive and Social skills. The DIY Online Preschool curriculum is built around developing these skills, so going forward you can use the KRE to track your child’s development and preparedness for kindergarten.

During this tutorial I will walk you through setting up your very own Preschool! Please keep in mind I will be covering a lot of information so if you need to stop, no problem! Just make a note of where you stopped so you can come back later and finish! I hope you find this tool helpful and easy to use! Please feel free to contact me with any questions along the way!

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