Create a Daily Schedule

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To create a consistent schedule Miss Cullen recommends you use the provided daily schedule of categories which we will go into more detail later:

  • Circle Time
  • Letters & Numbers
  • Worship Time
  • Art & Science

If you would like you can develop your own schedule starting with Circle Time and use only the other categories you desire, in the order you want. Consider the amount of time you have and the needs of your child. You do not have to use all the activity categories.

Keep in mind, when you start your preschool, it is important to hold class on the same days every week, start each day at the same time, and always maintain the same order of the activities in your daily schedule. Note, the schedule is made or set by you, while the routine is the physical execution of the schedule that children get used to. Schedules and routine allow children to learn what will or will not happen next. Schedules, repetition and routine are great for building confidence in preschool age children! It is important for them to know what is coming next and realize what is expected of them.

Now it’s time to learn about the all important Circle Time!

Setup your Preschool
Setup Steps
How Many Days?
Which Days?
Create a Daily Schedule
Leading Circle Time
Letters & Numbers Overview
Worship Time Overview
Art & Science Overview

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