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Kindergarten Evaluation Review

I am trying to use the KRE, but the link doesn’t seem to be working?

I’m seeing duplicate entries on my KRE tests

What’s the link to a specific question on the KRE?

How do I save my Evaluation?

What is Cullen’s Abc’s Online Preschool?

Why is it needed?

What age? How many can I help teach? Do I need experience?

How do I get started?

Can I just do a preschool activity, rather than starting an entire preschool?

Why is a schedule and a routine needed, and what is the difference?

What do I need?

How do I prepare for a day of Preschool?

What Preschool Theme do you suggest I start with?

When can I start?

What kind of preschool program is the online preschool based on?

What skills does the curriculum build on and develop?

Does the online preschool replace a traditional preschool?

Can the online preschool supplement a traditional preschool my child is attending?

Support Questions?

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