Jesus Feeds Thousands

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Jesus and his disciples were tried. They needed a quiet place to rest. So they got into a boat and pushed off from shore. A crowd followed the boat. Over 5,000 people had come to see Jesus. Even though he was tired, Jesus wanted to help them. He climbed out of the boat, and he began to bless and heal many people. Later that day, the disciples said to Jesus, “It is getting late. These people should go home and eat dinner.” Jesus replied, “We can feed them. See if anyone has any food to share.” The disciples found one boy. He had five loaves of bread and two small fish. Jesus said, “Bring the boy to me.” The disciples asked, “How will so little food feed this many people?” Jesus said, “You will see. Have the people sit down.” Then Jesus took the bread and gave thanks to God. His disciples gave bread and fish to everyone. To their surprise, twelve baskets were left over!

1. How many people came to see Jesus? over 5,000
2. Did Jesus believe that he could feed all of the people? yes
3. Who did they find that had some food? one boy
4. What did the boy have? 5 loaves of bread and two small fish
5. Were they able to feed all of the people? yes
6. Did they have food left over? yes
7. How many baskets were left over? 12

Dear Lord, thank You for letting us see this amazing miracle in the Bible. You promised to take care of our needs and food is one of those needs. Thank You for showing that you love us and want to take care of us. Help us to remember to give You thanks every day for our food and all the other blessings You provide. Amen.

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