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Hi there! We had an Online Preschool live chat session on Facebook today, 9/6/13. Following are the questions and answers. I hope it was helpful. Please join the next Facebook chat on Monday, September 9, at 1pm et.

Brandy A. I am having a terrible time getting my 4 year old to recognize letters. We currently use ABC Jesus Loves Me 4 year curriculum and add in your videos and activities.

Cullen’s Abc’s Hello Brandy A. have you done the food series? This is a great way for him to work on recognizing the letters and the sounds they make in a fun and interactive way. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out you can choose a letter to look for while you are out and about. For example say “today we are going to play a game. We are going to look for the letter A-upper and lower case letter Aa. I want you to put on your good looking eyes and tell me when you see an Aa. It could be on a sign on the road, on a sign at a store on a menu.” You can even count how many times you see the letter Aa while you are out. You can also make letters using play-doh. When you are playing together you can start making your own letters, telling him what letter it is and what sound it makes.

Brandy A. I have been watching the food videos in advance so she can try things with you when it’s her turn to watch. She repeats the letter and throughout the day we talk about it, but when it comes time for review the next day or even the next week she acts as though I’m speaking another language.

Cullen’s Abc’s Haha that sounds like a 4 year old . Maybe you can still do the food with her but she will probably need some more reinforcement like the looking for letters when you are out or bringing them into your activities as you are together. Also if you go to our patterns page and click on the individual letters some of them have a video to go with them where she can glue on items and that might help as well

Brandy A. Ok, that sounds great. Thank you for the suggestions.

Cullen’s Abc’s You are welcome, I hope they are helpful. Let me know how it goes.


Multi-Testing Mommy Stopping in to say hello! I hope you enjoy your chat! What is the topic today?

Cullen’s Abc’s Our topic is our Online Preschool questions people have or sharing their thoughts.

Multi-Testing Mommy FYI – my kids (now 4 and still love watching your songs/videos! Thank you

Cullen’s Abc’s Oh that is wonderful to hear! Thank you for letting me know this

Natalie Hixson “How soon do you post the next months calendar for us pre-planners?”

Cullen’s Abc’s Oh that is a great question as I’m a pre-planner also ! The cute calendars we use e are not our own and so we are one someone else’s time schedule. When she gets her calendar’s posted then we get our themes on it and ready to post for you. The week before the end of the month is when they are posted.

Cheryl Witherbee Minnick Would it be possible to let us know what the letter or number is for the 1st week of each month prior to the calendar being posted? We use a combination of your pre-school & some other projects and would love to be able to gather supplies & start putting together lesson plans a little earlier. Thank you!

Cullen’s Abc’s Yes Cheryl Witherbee Minnick I can let you know of that for sure. Just post something on my FB wall and I would be more than happy to share that with you and everyone. I am working on October right now so let me know when you’d like it and I’d be happy to post it.


Geetha Kumar How to teach number value?

Cullen’s Abc’s Hello Geetha Kumar glad you can join me today! Here are a few links that will hopefully help you out when teaching numbers and their values. and while children are learning about numbers that it needs to be fun for them. I recommend not doing a lot of ‘seat work’ where they are sitting down with a paper and pencil and writing out their numbers, adding subtracting etc. it needs to be in a song, a game, an activity and it will have much more value to them and in turn they will remember it.

Cullen’s Abc’s Cherissa Santo asked:”I don’t know how to get your full videos, I can watch the lesson plan videos but is there a video where they are all put together and I am missing it?” Hello Cherissa I’m not sure I’m following your questions..are you wondering about the over 800 videos that you can find here or are you talking about the videos used in the Online Preschool?


Amanda Seals My daughter and her friend that I watch daily just love that we have started using your curriculum. I use to teach first grade and love how well your curriculum is thought out and free. What a blessing!! Thanks so much for all your time and effort you put into this and such a great opportunity to share Gods love and message to all who participate in it. My kids love the apps too. While I’m heading to carpool for the other kids they are singing along with you. Thanks.

Cullen’s Abc’s Oh Amanda Seals thank you so much for such a kind and heartfelt comment. You are a treasure! What a blessing you are to your daughter and her friend for sharing Christ with them. You are planting wonderful Jesus seeds in them .

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