Snow and Christmas Combo

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Hello and Happy Day,

I lived in California for 37 years and would pray for rain on Christmas day just because I like the cozy feeling it brings. I’ve only lived in the mountains for 3 years now and still get so excited to wake up to see the snow falling. I heard a snow plow come through last night and I woke up to see much more snow on the ground since it’s been plowed. Oh, the joys of excitement in my home especially with the ski resort opening on Saturday. Our first year here I was so excited to have a white Christmas that I really can’t imagine it any other way.

Every year I think of new things I want to do at home with my family during the month of December. New crafts, new decorations, new desserts and the list goes on and on. I feel like for the month of December I need to start planning in the month of November for what I’d like to do with my child. I’m all for down time, but I really like to have some thoughts as to what we can do together. Even though I do know that just because I have a plan it doesn’t always go the way I see it in my head, but at least I can have what I need to try to make the plan a reality.

That is why I put together this Christmas Packet that’s filled with many many ideas to keep your children entertained while you get those peanut butter balls rolled in


chocolate or you can plan to do some things together. Some of the ideas are for you to be hands on with your children while others are for you to get things ready for your child to do on their own. There are songs to sing, activities to do, games to play and all the patterns that you will need are here in this packet. I like to choose what I think my child will be interested in doing and have it prepped and ready to go for him. He can sit at the kitchen table while I work in the kitchen or can we sit down together and work on things depending on the activity. This packet is also super great for your classroom as well. I’ve used these ideas in my classroom many times throughout the years and they’ve been so neat.

christmas packet2christmas packet ornament for packetchristmas packet1

These are just some of the neat ideas, but there are so many more. The patterns, the games, the recipes, everything (except for the actual supplies) are all there in the packet for you. The Christmas Packet is ready for you to download right now. I would like to let you know that the  Thanksgiving Packet and Christmas Packet are bundled together (ready to download right now) at the same price for just the Christmas packet so really in my mind that’s a no brainer. I could get two for the price of one and I have them forever. Love!

cullen (:

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